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What Makes Weven Design A Sustainable Brand?

🌈🌸⭐️💚 Hello to all our Weven babes, we're so happy you joined us. 💚⭐️🌸🌈

Welcome to our third blog post!

We are a small start up #SlowFashion brand that is trying to improve everyday! It took a lot of figuring out the "how's" and "if's" of making every little detail of our brand as sustainable as it can be. We'll continue sharing this journey on our blog and we would love to hear your feedback or suggestions! So, now you must be wondering what EXACTLY makes Weven Design a sustainable brand? Well, today we wanted to tell you all about this! It’s all too easy for fashion brands to claim that products are "sustainable" but it’s quite another thing to show complete transparency and explain exactly how and why that is! Let’s delve a little bit into the why's, what’s and who’s! 🌼 Let’s start with…WHY? 🌼 It’s about time brands took responsibility and started ethically producing fashion. This is what our entire philosophy is based on, to be as sustainable and transparent as possible! The all important questions you should be asking yourself today is "do you know who made your clothes?" and "do you know where your product came from?" we make sure we can ALWAYS answer those questions with 100% truth! 💘

There are so many problems with #FastFashion... it’s not only bad for the environment and harmful for our bodies but it’s a feminist issue too! It’s about time to step away and start normalising buying sustainably! We think one of the ways we can start doing this is by making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, and that’s WHY we are trying to be the change we want to see! 🧡

🌸 And now the...WHAT? 🌸 Weven Design products are made from locally sourced deadstock fabrics, recycled fabrics and vegan fabrics. Deadstock are fabrics that were created for manufacturing but never used. We try never to create new materials and use only what’s already available. This means that unwanted textiles don’t always end up in landfills and instead can be made into something gorgeous and better for the planet! We also work as much as we can with zero-waste designs. Win-win right? 💜

Not only are our products sustainable… our packaging is too! Our pretty tissue paper is made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink. Our stickers, tags and thank you notes are made from local agricultural waste. And our boxes are made from recycled materials. ♻️ Where we can’t source sustainable materials we choose to buy from small, local businesses - where we sourced our ribbons and magnets! We try to make positive impacts when it comes to every teeny tiny aspect of our products!

🌺 Finally the...WHO?🌺 Weven Design bags are locally produced! Actually just a 10 minute bike ride from our address 💘. Just as we care about our environmental impact we care A LOT about our social impact! That’s why our bags were first produced in partnership with Makers Unite in Amsterdam, a textile-based creative agency working with refugees-newcomers to create sustainable products for brands that would like to increase their social and environmental impact. 💚

The “who” can also be you! We are always open to collaborations with brands and individuals who share our same mission. Working together we can create more awareness of the importance of creating sustainable fashion habits. Our community is so important to us and we can’t do this alone! 💜