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Welcome to our first ever blog post!

Today we wanted to tell you all about our first capsule collection and the story behind 'Resilience'. Let us know what you think in the comments, we love to hear your feedback.

Resilience is a concept that has been close to all of our hearts this year. Starting a brand in a pandemic, and dealing with many of life’s hiccups along the way, hasn't been easy but we’ve never stopped trying our best. And in doing it we committed to bring our dreams to reality in finally launching our capsule collection on New Year's Eve. Naturally, we came to the name 'Resilience' for our first capsule collection. Resilience is dedicated to women everywhere who just keep going.

We named our bags after three amazing Dutch women we admire and who encapsulate the concept of resilience.

Our Hannie bag is named after Hannie Schaft, ‘the girl with the red hair’, an active resistance fighter during WW2, providing safe houses, gathering intelligence, and sabotaging high ranking officers with her intellect and perseverance.

Our Aletta bag is named after Aletta Jacobs, a physician and suffrage activist, and the first woman to attend a Dutch university and much more. She raised the issues of women’s rights to vote, fought to protect the rights of Afrikaners in the Second Boerenoorlog and for peace in WW1.

Our Corry bag is named after Corry Tendeloo, politician, feminist and lawyer, who fought for women’s rights in the workplace, abolishing the law that married women could not pursue a career.

We want to honour these women by using their names but Resilience is also dedicated to every strong resilient woman we know and love. We hope that our bags can inspire you to power on into 2021 and be a strong and resilient woman, always. 💜

Love always,

Mai x