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Happy Earth Day!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Today is a very important day to us, and the rest of the sustainability community! Although we believe every day should be Earth Day, it’s still wonderful to see the attention that this day does receive, it gives us hope for a greener, healthier future for our planet.

The theme for Earth Day this year is “Restore Our Earth”, with a focus on natural processes, emerging green technology and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. The theme this year aims to show that mitigation or adaptation are not the only ways that we can tackle climate change - but instead, it brings the idea that it is actually up to each and every one of us to restore our earth - because of course, it is our home! We couldn’t agree more with this, taking steps as individuals is more important than ever!

As long-standing lovers of Fashion, we understand that making a transition to becoming a more ethical shopper isn’t the easiest thing to do, but if we all try to shop more responsibly, and be more mindful of the pieces we buy, we can all make changes individually for a collective good. We’re all in this together and the planet needs our love and care.

Of course, we can’t shop our way out of a climate crisis, but we can change our shopping habits to reduce our own footprint. So, here are some of our ideas and thoughts on how we can become more sustainable shoppers and make our own contribution to taking care of our home. 💚💚💚


Remember that every purchase you make makes an impact - every time you shop you have the power to use your money to maintain the status quo or direct the world towards a more sustainable future. By saying this, we don’t want to shame people for their choices, we think it’s actually a first step to just begin to have some awareness when it comes to purchasing.


Shopping less and buying with a mindset towards longevity is actually one of the most important things you can do - choosing to curate your wardrobe with essentials and statement pieces that you love. When you buy pieces you really love you’ll naturally wear them for longer. Wearing a garment for just 9 months longer can massively reduce its carbon footprint.


Buying vintage and second hand isn’t just fun but it’s so much better for the planet. The treasures you can find, with their own story, will also make your wardrobe so much more interesting than shopping from stores where everyone buys the same clothes. Using apps for vintage shopping is also way less expensive and can be done from the comfort of your couch. Swapping with friends and family is also the most fun and planet-friendly way to refresh your wardrobe!


Try to pay attention to materials, and brands that reuse, reclaim and recycle materials. Ask the right questions to the brands you want to give your business to and do your research before making a purchase!


Support small sustainable brands and promote and recommend them where you can, word of mouth can make big changes and it will always be appreciated. Buying small and sustainably can make the world of difference, plus every piece is made with so much care and love. Embrace slow fashion and normalise these kinds of buying habits.


You can reduce your fashion footprint by buying locally. Supporting your local community is always important, but during these times it’s a very important thing to do, you can pour love and care back into your local environment, support local families, help retain jobs and contribute towards your local culture.


Repairing is something that is not necessarily normalised today, but the disposable culture of fashion is not that old, in the not so distant past it used to be the norm to repair but now most of us actually lack the skills to do this. Investing some time into learning how to do this is such a small, simple thing that could help save the planet and help save your wallet. <